Assemblage Studios | Sydney

Assemblage is an interdisciplinary arts organisation committed to creating and exposing innovative platforms between artists of all disciplines. Our conviction lies in the thought that art is the meeting point where diverse discussions and narratives that come together to create. Assemblage strives to create and consolidate these lines of communication within an Australian and globally interconnected community of artists and practitioners.

Assemblage offers a carte blanche for audiences and visual arts practitioners to experience inter-disciplinary creative processes and explore the aesthetic outcomes. Assemblage’s core policy centres upon providing artists the collaborative environment and space to engage in inter-disciplinary discussions, this policy is administered through Assemblage’s exhibition space, forums, workshops, residency/mentorship program and publications. The workshops and studio space focus on providing visual artists the digital tools in which to achieve and experiment with a diversity of practices that will transform traditional approaches and perceptions of the visual arts. With the notion of transition and trans-disciplinary interactions as the foundations of Assemblage, artists will come into contact with a variety of practices and networks that will further shape and challenge traditional art practices.

The current board members and steering committee reflect the diversity of disciplines that is crucial to Assemblage’s trans-disciplinary discussions for the emergence of new practices and learning processes. Drawing on discourses from architecture, design, new media, photography and sculpture, Assemblage sets out to develop a shifting network of people and ideas that will further shape art practices of the future.

The emphasis is on the transformations of ideas and techniques through an exposure to inter-disciplinary interactions whereby innovative practices and networks will emerge, this is achieved by providing artists (emerging and mid- career), and practitioners the skills and opportunities in which to execute such ideas.

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